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Mathrithms is a software firm based out of India run by IITians. Our Specialty is full website strategy, design, and development, making pixel magic in Figma and Adobe-XD and turning it into a beautiful working website. Our interests extend beyond the web, and we love helping people with building software and Mobile Apps, Automation, AI Bots, Ml & AI models.

Our Services
Technical Consultation

Unable to understand how to increase the technical capabilities of your business or which modern technologies should you use? No worries we can help!

Web Development

We have a full-stack web development team, which is capable to create complex UIs and backend logics. We unlock the power of the web for businesses.

App Development

We are capable of making complex or simple mobile applications for your businesses, whether it is just a catalogue or a social media application we can make it.


Our team could help develop business logics based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Unlock the power of data for your business!


We also provide a team of people who can handle complex business algorithms and could help you bring solutions that can scale rapidly.


The human resource could not be expensive but inefficient. We help business to automate their workflows, achieving better productivity and returns.

Cloud and Hosting

Understanding Cloud solutions could not be technically challenging but time-consuming. Our experts help you to understand them and deploy it quickly.

Web Scrapping

The web is a near-infinite source of data, scraping the web could charge your business with the modern fuel of data. Helping you to understands business better.


A good product with a bad user interface and experience is a bad product. We help companies around the world to improve user interface and experience.

and Much More

We provide almost all type of services and product development solutions related to computing, to name a few, Desktop Applications, Scripts, Games, Extensions etc.

Why Us?

Best Engineers

24*7 Customer Support

Low on Budget

Best Maintenance

Always on Time

Friendly Staff

Tech Stack

Python is our primary programming language. We have experienced to handle your Python Applications. Apart from Python we also have an experienced team in C/C++, Javascript, Bash, Linux Scripting.


Python is our primary backend tool. We have built several backends in Django and Django Rest Framework. Other than Django we can work efficiently with node and firebase.


React is a high-performance frontend framework from Facebook. We have a strong frontend stack with react including state of the art technologies like Redux, Typescript, Tailwind, Jest etc.


We love to work in Vue.js because of its light weight and low loading time, we have a robust tech-stack with Vue, which includes, Vite, SCSS/SASS, Tailwind, Typescript, Jest etc.


Understanding and deploying your application on the cloud could not be challenging but confusing, we have an expert team dealing in variety of cloud services like AWS, GCD, shared-hosting, CDN, Digital Ocean, Azure etc.


When it comes to making high performance and scalable mobile applications for iOS and Android, flutter is our go-to tech, we have a team working in flutter and dart to deliver robust and scalable applications.


The database is one of the most important aspects of your applications, we deal with a variety of databases and databases technologies, majorly Postgres, but also MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase, Amazon Aurora DB.


Electron is a javascript based framework that allows us to make installable applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. We love to deliver application powered by electron for a wide range of devices for our clients.


Making complex Artificial Intelligence applications could be an extremely challenging task with which we can help you. Our tech stack includes Tensorflow, Tensorflow.js, Keras and PyTorch


WordPress is usually a quick and cheap solution for business just starting up, we have a strong background in dealing with WordPress, from a simple blog to a complex e-commerce site.


Selenium is our go-to tool for web scrapping, from small scrapping 1MB to 100s of GB, selenium never disappoints you. With Selenium, we love to use a suitable database and file system.


With the growing complexity of web applications, serverless is the modern go-to solution for the deployment of web applications and services. It not only optimizes performance but reduces infrastructure cost.

Looking for Long Term Partnership!

We encourage long term partnership with great firms round the world, we would be extremely happy to partner with you for all your software needs!